los angeles
dreamy noise quintet
3:16 - 390%

Merry late Easter.
We have a new bandmate, I think she’s a keeper.

Some new songs on the way but who wants to hear that?

You do, of course! And so you will! Soon. ish.

Shine on~

- r。

1:21 - 1%


best gif set this year.

21:40 - 190766%

le colors~

1:41 - 634%

favorite bands under one roof

19:37 - 5%
20:17 - 163%
22:26 - 525%

1st gig.

Mountair @ Lot 1 cafe

Thanks to all who came.

Note to self: eat before soundcheck

Maybe more pictures to come? Definitely more shows to come.


4:00 - 4%

So I plugged in the Joyo JP-02 power supply thinking it would clean out the noise my daisy chain was giving me.

I was greeted with feedback as soon as I stepped on the pickle. Reviews say it’s an isolated grounding issue.

Gotta figure this stuff out. Hopefully my ears won’t be blasted by next rehearsal.


Edit: it was the Echo Park!

14:27 - 5%

it only gets louder from here-on out.

we’ll be preparing for the Ides of March. Thank you Mountair for your generosity.

Lot 1. Echo Park.

be there.

21:46 - 1%